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【Open Call】Webinar: SDGS-ID Seminar #10(Completed)

Webinar: SDGS-ID Seminar #10
(This seminar is designated as "International Interchange Seminar" )

Dear Students

We are pleased to announce that we will have our SDGS-ID Seminar #10 in English.
This seminar's theme is ”COVID-19  Research Updates” and we invite two speakers;
■Speaker 1: Hitoshi Oshitani :
Professor of Graduate School of Medicine, TU and the Director of SDGS-ID), and also serves COVID-19 Infection Control as a member of the government advisory board.
■Speaker 2: Clyde Dapat:
Lecturer of Graduate School of Medicine, TU (Prof Oshitani's lab) and an expert in molecular virology and epidemiology with substantial experiences.

In this seminar, they will update you on the current situation of  the explosive spread of infection worldwide caused by the Omicron variants and the virus mutations from the perspective of epidemiology and virology.
While clarifying the challenges we are facing now, we will discuss with you what we should do to surmount them.
If you are interested, please join us!

【Date】 Feb. 18 (Fri), 2022.  12:00-13:30
【Theme】 ”COVID-19  Research Updates”
【Speaker】Hitoshi Oshitani (Professor, Graduate School of Medicine/ Director, SDGS-ID)
        Clyde Dapat  (Lecturer, Graduate School of Medicine)
 12:00-12:05  Opening remarks
 12:05-12:25    Talk 1  (Prof., Hitoshi Oshitani)
             "Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Japan and world"
 12:25-12:45    Talk 2 (Lecturer, Clyde Dapat)
                         "Genetic evolution of SARS-CoV-2 in the world: from Alpha to Omicron and Beyond"
 12:45-13:20       Q&A
 13:20-13:30    Wrap up

【Registration】 Please register via the form or QR code on the flyer

【Registration deadline】Feb.17(Thu), 2022  (by 17:00)
 〇Inquiry:   SDGS-ID Admin. Office.  Email:
 〇SDGS-ID Website: