System design of inclusive society with infectious diseases

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【Open Call】SDGS-ID Young Researcher Support Project (Completed)

SDGS-ID Young Researcher Support Project (Completed)

A Center for Key Interdisciplinary Research, "System Design of Inclusive Society with Infectious Diseases" (SDGS-ID) is now seeking applicants for it's "Research award project for young researchers".
This award is open to students and early career researchers (within 10 years after PhD completion) at TU.

There is no restriction on the research field as long as it is interdisciplinary research related to infectious diseases.
Please feel free to apply.  

< Message from prof. Hitoshi OSHITANI (SDGS-ID chief organizer). >
 The new coronavirus infections (COVID-19) have exposed the vulnerability of efficiency-driven, centralized societies to global risks, and it is an urgent mission to create a new society in the post-Covid-19 world in which all people can conduct social, economic, and cultural activities while accepting a certain level of risk.

In August 2020, the "System Design of Inclusive Society with Infectious Diseases" (SDGS-ID) was launched as an interdisciplinary research organization that brings together the academic knowledge of Tohoku University to explore the new world and inclusive society in the era of living with coronas.

 We will establish a" model of understanding and explanation (in a broad sense)" that incorporates
not only life science and medicine, but also notions and methods of politics, economics, law, administration, society, education, science and technology, even including people' s values and views on life and death,
and thereby explore research and practice to realize a sustainable and resilient society with infectious diseases.
 The creation of a new society in the post-corona era cannot be achieved overnight.
The power of young researchers, who will be responsible for the future society, is essential, and supporting and fostering the next generation of young researchers is our major mission.
 This support project aims to support and foster such young researchers who will lead the next generation.
We look forward to receiving applications from many talented young researchers.

〇  Where to submit:
     Please fill out required information and upload two application forms (form 1 and form 2)
     from the following URL.
〇  Deadline: February 26th 17:00 JST
〇   Research grant
     100,000 JPY for each research

For details, please refer to the attached application guide.
〇Form 1_SDGS-ID Young Researcher support project application form
〇Form 2_Research outline slide