System design of inclusive society with infectious diseases




Affiliation Tsunami Engineering Laboratory, International Research Institute of Disaster Sciences (IRIDeS)
Message Tohoku University affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake should have the role to provide various academic collaborations and support to the affected areas so that the disaster will not be repeated. Videos, photos and material showing the situation of the invasion and the enormous damage caused by the huge tsunami was introduced, showing us the power of the threat. However, with the passage of time, it has been forgotten and the experience and lessons learned have not been shared and utilized, causing new damage such as flood damage and other type of risk. Such disasters have many similarities and commonalities with large-scale infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus; COVID-19 and others that is currently rampant. Infectious diseases are one of the repeated social disasters in human history, and after several generations, experiences and learnings are forgotten and not shared. Based on this situation, we would like to promote interdisciplinary collaborative research that makes use of the lessons and knowledge of our predecessors in order to create a resilient society that can continuously respond to various risks.

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